Preparing Your AC For Summer

Having your AC quit on the hottest summer day is one of the worst things that can happen—make sure yours is ready to go. As spring temperatures rise, you’ll begin to use your air conditioning for the season—and this is an excellent time to prepare for the hotter days ahead when you need it. If you’re in the Las Vegas area, one of our technicians at Discount Air Conditioning & Heating, can help. As part of routine maintenance, we ensure your AC works correctly while looking out for any potential future problems.

What Are The Main Parts Of An AC Unit?

Your air conditioning has an air handler that blows chilled air throughout your home, located inside, and a compressor located outside. It’s the outside compressor that needs the most cleaning and maintenance, though you should always change the filters on the inside unit and the air intake.

  • Air handler
  • Compressor
  • Filters

Emergency AC Repair—An Avoidable Expense

When the AC stops working, calling a technician for emergency repair can be expensive, especially after hours, on weekends, or on holidays. Regular maintenance can significantly reduce the risk of having to call out an emergency technician. The two best times to schedule maintenance for your air conditioning system are:

  • Spring: Get a tune-up to ensure everything is clean & working.
  • Fall: If you have central heat & air conditioning, ensure the heating system works for the winter.

How A Technician Preps Your AC For Summer

Inspecting the air conditioning unit involves much more than looking for visible problems and turning it on to ensure it works properly—which is why hiring a professional to check thoroughly is best.

  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Replace Filters

Check The Indoor Unit For Rust Or Corrosion

Most AC systems are split units, with the compressor outside and the air handler inside. The technician checks the inside for rust or corrosion and ensures the drain is not clogged. The tech also checks the fan, evaporator, and thermostat, where applicable.

Check The Outdoor Unit For Weather Damage

In residential applications, the outside unit is generally on the ground. Commercial units, especially if large, are typically located on the roof. Either way, the outdoor units are exposed to all types of weather conditions. Your AC technician will check the external part for rust, corrosion, broken wiring, and bent or broken fan blades and clean the unit.

Replace Filters For Full Functionality

The air intake vents and evaporator filters prevent dust and debris from entering the air conditioning system and diminishing air quality. You should change the filters every 30 days. Some units have metal filters that you can remove and wash. When the AC tech comes out to maintain the unit, he will clean or change the filters, but you’ll still need to maintain them monthly.

Get Your AC Tuned-Up & Ready For Summer Today

Don’t get stuck with a non-functioning AC on the hottest days of a Las Vegas Summer. Contact Discount Air Conditioning & Heating, to schedule an appointment for spring AC maintenance today.

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