AC Tune-Up & Maintenance

Discount Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. in Las Vegas, NV, can keep your air conditioning running ice-cold with regular AC tune-ups and preventative AC maintenance plans. Don’t be caught off guard by a sudden AC repair. Let us help ensure that your air conditioning system performs optimally all year long.

  • Air Conditioner Tune-Ups
  • Preventative HVAC Maintenance
  • AC Unit Maintenance Plans 

Do I Need An AC Tune-Up?

One of our AC specialists will come to your home and make a thorough multi-point inspection of your air conditioner unit. We’ll check common maintenance issues, lubricate mechanical parts, check the refrigerant level, and remove debris around your unit.

We’ll let you know if any air conditioning repairs need to be made early. At the same time, they’re more affordable and notify you of a possible upcoming AC unit replacement so you can be prepared.

  • Check Compressor Amps At Startup
  • Clean & Inspect Condenser
  • Calibrate The Thermostat
  • Evaluate Your Refrigerant Levels & Look For Leaks
  • Examine & Tighten All Electrical Parts
  • Analyze The Operation Of The Blower Belt & Motor
  • Additional Safety & Efficiency Checks

Regular AC Maintenance Saves Money

Las Vegas heat can take its toll on even the best units. With proper maintenance, you can extend the life of your unit, keep it running at peak performance, and even lower your electric bill. Regular tune-ups are a great investment that can pay off big long-term.

  • Extend The Life Of Your Air Conditioning Unit
  • Avoid Costly Repairs & Cooling Emergencies
  • Lower Your Power Bill
  • Avoid Inconvenient Breakdowns
  • Keep Your AC Unit Running At Peak Performance
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

Regular Maintenance Plans & Discounts

With an HVAC maintenance plan, save money and care for your air conditioning unit. You’ll earn discounts with our maintenance contract, and you can have peace of mind knowing your AC unit tune-ups will always be thorough and up to date.

We maintain all types and brands of air conditioners, including the most popular makes and models in Las Vegas.

Keep Cool All Summer Long

There’s nothing worse than spending even a moment in our desert summer heat without the cooling air of a well-maintained HVAC unit. Keep your cool all summer long by calling Discount Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. and having one of our Las Vegas technicians come out to your home for an AC tune-up and maintenance service.

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