9 Maintenance Tips For AC Repair Prevention

How can you avoid a costly emergency visit from your HVAC professionals? Discount Air Conditioning & Heating has nine quick tips that will help keep your unit maintained and running longer.

  1. Keep Your Windows & Doors Closed
  2. Clean Around The Condenser Unit
  3. Inspect & Straighten Fins On The Condenser Unit
  4. Change Or Clean Filters As Often As Recommended
  5. Level Your Sinking Air Conditioner Pad
  6. Leave The AC On While You Are At Work
  7. Schedule An Annual Inspection
  8. Add Insulated Blinds To Your Home
  9. Embrace The Use Of Ceiling Fans

1. Closed Windows & Doors Lowers Demand On Your AC

The less your air conditioning runs, the fewer repairs it will need. Stop the hot desert air from getting inside your home—always close the sliding screen door and even the small window in the powder room.

2. A Clean Condenser Unit Works More Efficiently

Include your outdoor condenser unit on the chore list when cleaning the yard. Chop back any weeds, clear out any debris, and vacuum out the grate. Good airflow is crucial in optimizing the performance of your AC.

3. Straight Condenser Unit Fins Improve Heat Exchange Capability

When your AC works harder to send hot air away from the unit, that can lead to the failure of a fan or pump and require emergency repairs. Crumpled fins on the outside unit mean it cannot move as much air between them. Use a thin, dull kitchen knife to straighten the fins and hear your AC turn off more often.

4. Clean Filters Reduce Strain On Motors

The air filters inside your home will get clogged with dust and dirt, which means your unit might burn out a motor trying to circulate air through a clogged screen. Set a reminder to wash or replace your filters as recommended by the manufacturer.

5. Protect Copper Piping With A Level AC Pad

The copper pipes that run from your condenser into the house are very fragile and can crack with bending. By leveling the unit or stabilizing a sinking pad, you can prevent paying for a costly AC repair.

6. Even Daily Demand Extends The Life Of Your Units

Did you know that your AC unit will work much harder by trying to catch up when you shut it off while you are at work? It takes much less energy to maintain a steady 75F temperature than trying to recover after your home heats up all day long.

7. An Annual Inspection Identifies Worn Components

Nearly every part of an AC system will wear out over time and require replacement. But you can prevent the need for an inconvenient air conditioning repair by setting up an annual inspection. We can schedule an AC maintenance repair during the cooler months so that you can enjoy a comfortable home all summer long.

8. Insulated Blinds Stop Solar Heating Inside

While you may have installed triple-paned insulated windows, the light from the sun will still heat up the furniture and flooring when it rises every day. Adding insulated blinds will prevent the interior of your house from heating up as much and help extend the life of your AC.

9. A Cooling Breeze Means Less AC Usage

If you run a ceiling fan in addition to your air conditioning, you can raise the setting by as much as four degrees and still feel comfortable. A fan also uses much less electricity.

Call Today For Preventative AC Inspection & Maintenance

Are you ready to lower your AC bills for your Las Vegas home? Give us a ring at Discount Air Conditioning & Heating—we will conduct a thorough inspection and make recommendations that can lower your energy bill and keep your AC running.

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