How Dust & Dirt Affect Your HVAC System

When dust and dirt get into your HVAC system, they wreak havoc on its performance—as dust build-up makes your air conditioning unit work harder than it has to. Experienced technicians like the ones at Discount Air Conditioning & Heating can help you improve indoor air quality with regular maintenance. Learn more about the effects of accumulated grime and how to reduce the risk to your home and family.

Do Dust & Grime Pose A Risk To My HVAC System?

Dust build-up can cause many problems for your heating and cooling systems. There are five main risks you will want to look out for.

  • Reduced Functioning
  • Risk Of Breakdown Over Time
  • Increased Energy Usage
  • Exposure To Allergens
  • Compromised Air Quality

Reduced Functionality Leads To Continuous Breakdowns

Dusty AC components don’t operate as effectively as clean ones. This causes your system to work harder and reduces its efficiency. Our tune-ups include a complete inspection to identify and replace worn parts. Our licensed HVAC technicians also lubricate and clean all moving parts to keep your system running smoothly.

More Energy Usage Increases Your Utility Bill

Dirt and gunk increase friction and make operating harder for your system. This typically results in higher energy consumption and utility bills. To save energy and increase the useful life of your system, schedule regular maintenance for your HVAC system. This can result in more even heating and cooling for many years to come—it can also save you money.

Dirt & Dust Result In Poor Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC system can transfer dirt, grime, and pathogens to different parts of your home. In this case, you and your family continuously breathe in allergens and other contaminants. Do you have household members with allergies or respiratory problems? If so, regular HVAC tune-ups can help reduce dust build-up so you can breathe a little easier.

Can A Clogged Filter Strain My HVAC System?

Air filters remove large contaminants to keep them out of your HVAC system. However, a clogged filter cannot remove dust and grime effectively and often leads to air conditioning repairs. With proper maintenance, including regular air filter changes, your equipment will continue to work efficiently.

How Can I Prevent Dust Buildup?

There are two main ways to prevent dust build-up. Due to the high summer temperatures in Las Vegas, you’ll need to change your filter every month otherwise you might need an emergency repair. Additionally, you should schedule maintenance on your cooling and heating systems in the spring and fall, respectively. Our well-trained maintenance team will remove large debris from the outdoor unit and check the indoor and outdoor components to ensure safe operations.

Hire The Top Las Vegas HVAC Pros For Well-Functioning Units

Discount Air Conditioning & Heating provides comprehensive HVAC services for homeowners. We proudly serve customers throughout Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding communities. Contact us today to schedule a tune-up to prevent damaging dust build-up in your air conditioning system and ask our seasoned pros which maintenance plan might work best for your home.

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